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What is the full form of LED?

LED Full form Kya hay?

LED Full Form is: Light-Emitting Diode

L = Light

E = Emitting

D = Diode

  • Category: Academics & Science/Physics
  • LED Full Form in Hindi is: प्रकाश उत्सर्जक डायोड
  • LED Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: লাইট-এমিটিং ডায়োড
  • LED Full Form in Marathi is: प्रकाश उत्सर्जित करणारा डायोड
  • LED Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ஒளி உமிழும் டையோடு
  • LED Full Form in Telegu is: కాంతి ఉద్గార డయోడ్

LED Full Form or meaning in Academics & Science and Physics sector is: Light-Emitting Diode

LED or Light-Emitting Diode Pronunciation

LED Full Form

Working principle Electroluminescence
  • H. J. Round (1907)[1]
  • Oleg Losev (1927)[2]
  • James R. Biard (1961)[3]
  • Nick Holonyak (1962)[4]
First production October 1962
Pin configuration Anode and cathode
Electronic symbol
LED symbol.svg
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Other Significant Full Form of LED

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Load, Encode, and Download Networking LED
Lighted Electronic Display Electronics LED
Light Emitting Diode Electronics LED
Low Energy Demand Electronics LED
St Petersburg Airport Code LED
Law Enforcement Desk Military and Defence LED
Ledger Accounts and Finance LED
Low Energy Detector Space Science LED
Lawyers Engineers and Doctors Job Title LED

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