What is the full form of RT?

RT Full form Kya hay?

RT Full Form is: Relevance Theory 

R = Relvance

T = Theory

  • Category: Academics & Science
  • RT Full Form in Hindi is: प्रासंगिकता सिद्धांत
  • RT Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: প্রাসঙ্গিকতা তত্ত্ব
  • RT Full Form in Marathi is: प्रासंगिकता सिद्धांत
  • RT Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: சம்பந்தமான கோட்பாடு
  • RT Full Form in Telegu is: ఔచిత్య సిద్ధాంతం

RT Full Form or meaning in Academics & Science sector is: Relevance Theory

RT or Relevance Theory Pronunciation

RT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of RT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Remote Terminal Computer and Networking RT
Round Trip Computer and Networking RT
Refuse Transmission Telecommunication RT
Retweet Networking RT
Rich Text File Type RT
Routing and Transit Number Accounts and Finance RT
Raw Total Accounts and Finance RT
Radio Telescope Space Science RT
Real Time Space Science RT
Range-to-target Space Science RT
Rate Space Science RT
Receiver-transmitter Space Science RT
Reference Trajectory Space Science RT
Right Space Science RT
Registered Technologist Job Title RT
Respiratory Therapist Job Title RT
Residential Technician Job Title RT
Road Technician Job Title RT
Reliable Totally Job Title RT
Retrieval Type Computer Assembly Language RT
Reset Type Computer Assembly Language RT
Return Type Computer Assembly Language RT
Retention Time Database Management RT
Relator Term Database Management RT
Record Type Database Management RT
Radio Tag Computer Hardware RT
Render Time Computer Hardware RT
Raw Tape Computer Hardware RT
Related Term Maths RT
Regression Testing Maths RT
Right Triangle Maths RT
Relative Timing Earth Science RT
Ray Tracing Physics Related RT
Reference Time Physics Related RT
Reverberation Time Physics Related RT
Right Takle Sports RT
Regulation Tie Sports RT
Racing Training Sports RT
Race Train Sports RT
Race Team Sports RT
Random Team Sports RT
Restraint To Target Military and Defence RT
Recovery Team Military and Defence RT
Rough Terrain Military and Defence RT
Receiver Transmitter Military and Defence RT
Reconditioning Test Military and Defence RT
ROHAT Indian Railway Station RT
Reagent Type Chemistry RT
Room Temperature Chemistry RT
Risc Technology Electronics RT
Radio Telephone Electronics RT
Rotten Tomatoes Web Technology RT
Related Topic Messaging RT
Random Thought Messaging RT

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