What is the full form of CPF?

CPF Full form Kya hay?

CPF Full Form is: Central Provident Fund

  • Category: Accounts and Finance
  • CPF Full Form in Hindi is: केंद्रीय भविष्य निधि
  • CPF Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: কেন্দ্রীয় ভবিষ্য তহবিল
  • CPF Full Form in Marathi is: केंद्रीय भविष्य निर्वाह निधी
  • CPF Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: மத்திய வருங்கால வைப்பு நிதி
  • CPF Full Form in Telegu is: సెంట్రల్ ప్రావిడెంట్ ఫండ్

CPF Full Form or meaning in Accounts and Finance sector is: Central Provident Fund

CPF or Central Provident Fund Pronunciation

CPF Full Form

Formed 1 July 1955; 66 years ago
Agency executives
  • Yong Ying-I, Chairman
  • Augustin Lee, CEO
Parent agency Ministry of Manpower
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters 238B Thomson Road, #08-00, Novena Square Tower B, Singapore 307685
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Other Significant Full Form of CPF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cargo Processing Facility Space Science CPF
Central Processing Facility Space Science CPF
Cost Per Flight Space Science CPF
Cycles Per Flop Measurement Unit CPF
Certified Picture Framer Job Title CPF
Cepu Airport Code CPF
Certified Professional Facilitator Certifications CPF
Climb Performance Factor Sports CPF
Cost Per Fix Military and Defence CPF
Compatible Protocol Field Computer and Networking CPF
The Complete Fax – Fax File File Type CPF
Clearcase Product Family Softwares CPF
Control Program Facility Softwares CPF
Concentrated Powder Form Chemistry CPF
Consumption Possibility Frontier Messaging CPF

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