What is the full form of DCF?

DCF Full form Kya hay?

DCF Full Form is: Discounted Cash Flow

D = Discounted

C = Cash

F = Flow

  • Category: Accounts and Finance
  • DCF Full Form in Hindi is: नकदी आयजन्य निवेश
  • DCF Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: ছাড় ক্যাশফ্লাউ
  • DCF Full Form in Marathi is: सवलतीचा रोख प्रवाह
  • DCF Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: தள்ளுபடி செய்யப்பட்ட பணப்புழக்கம்
  • DCF Full Form in Telegu is: రాయితీ నగదు ప్రవాహం

DCF Full Form or meaning in Accounts and Finance sector is: Discounted Cash Flow

DCF or Discounted Cash Flow Pronunciation

DCF Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DCF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Discounted Cash Flow Accounts and Finance DCF
Delayed Catastrophic Failure Space Science DCF
Data Capture Facility Space Science DCF
Roseau Airport Code DCF
Document Composition Facility Military and Defence DCF
Disengage ConFirmation Computer and Networking DCF
Distributed Coordination Function Telecommunication DCF
Distributed Content Framework Networking DCF
Disk Image File File Type DCF
Dynamic Contact Form Softwares DCF
Draft Capture File Softwares DCF
Digitally Controlled Filter Electronics DCF

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