What is the full form of CC?

CC Full Form is: Cubic Capacity

  • Category: Automotive
  • CC Full Form in Hindi is: घन क्षमता
  • CC Full Form in Bengali is: কিউবিক ক্ষমতা
  • CC Full Form in Marathi is: घन क्षमता
  • CC Full Form in Tamil is: க்யூபிக் கொள்ளளவு
  • CC Full Form in Telegu is: క్యూబిక్ కెపాసిటీ

Full Form or meaning of CC In Automotive sector is: Cubic Capacity


Other Significant Full Form of CC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Carbon Copy Email CC
Cubic Capacity Engine Capacity CC
Common Carrier Computer and Networking CC
AC Chair Car Indian Railways CC
Coal Controller Indian Ministry of Coal CC
C Compiler Information Technology cc
Call Control Computer and Networking CC
Control Channel Computer and Networking CC
Chief Complaint Medical CC
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Country Names CC
Cubic Centimeter Measurement CC


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