What is the full form of CI Engine?

CI Engine Full Form is: Compression Ignition Engine

  • Category: Automotive
  • CI Engine Full Form in Hindi is: संपीड़न इग्निशन इंजन
  • CI Engine Full Form in Bengali is: কম্প্রেশন ইগনিশন ইঞ্জিন
  • CI Engine Full Form in Marathi is: कॉम्प्रेशन इग्निशन इंजिन
  • CI Engine Full Form in Tamil is: சுருக்க பற்றவைப்பு இயந்திரம்
  • CI Engine Full Form in Telegu is: కంప్రెషన్ ఇగ్నిషన్ ఇంజిన్

Full Form or meaning of CI Engine In Automotive sector is: Compression Ignition Engine

CI Engine Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Call Indicator (V.8) Computer and Networking CI
Calling Identity Computer and Networking CI
Characteristic Impedance Computer and Networking CI
Count Indicator Computer and Networking CI
Customer Installation Computer and Networking CI
Customer Interface Computer and Networking CI
CHHAPRA KACHERI Indian Railway Station CI
Composite Index Chemistry CI
Copper Insert Electronics CI
Component Instance Electronics CI
Confidence Interval Electronics CI
Commercial Invoice Banking CI
Cost Innovation Accounts and Finance CI
Compound Interest Accounts and Finance CI
Crew Interface Space Science CI
Certification Inspection Space Science CI
Color Interior Film Space Science CI
Configuration Inspection Space Science CI
Configuration Item Space Science CI
Continuous Interlock Space Science CI
Course Invalid Space Science CI
Cubic Inches Measurement Unit CI
Cubic Inch Measurement Unit CI
Component Inspector Job Title CI
Co Investigator Job Title CI
Chief Inspector Job Title CI
Claims Investigator Job Title CI
Certified Instructor Job Title CI
Criminal Investigator Job Title CI
Claims Inspector Job Title CI
Computer Instructor Job Title CI
Command Interpreter Computer Assembly Language CI
Common Interface Computer Hardware CI
Configuration Interaction Computer Hardware CI
Cayley Isomorphism Maths CI
Classical Incremental Maths CI
Constant Interpolation Maths CI
Convective Instability Physics Related CI
Constant Intensity Physics Related CI
Cumulative Interest Stock Exchange CI
Coupon Income Stock Exchange CI
Crowd Involvement Sports CI
Capitol Ice Sports CI
Connected Intelligence Military and Defence CI
Completion Inspection Military and Defence CI
Checking In Military and Defence CI
Coordinating Installation Military and Defence CI
Command Information Military and Defence CI
Counter-intelligence Military and Defence CI
Combat Identification Military and Defence CI
Civilian Internee Military and Defence CI
Côte d’Ivoire Country Names CI
Charm Interface Telecommunication CI
Communications Integrator Networking CI
Congestion Indication Networking CI
Code Inspector Softwares CI

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