What is the full form of CCT?

CCT Full form Kya hay?

CCT Full Form is: Conditional Cash Transfer

C = Conditional

C = Cash

T = Transfer

  • Category: Banking
  • CCT Full Form in Hindi is: सशर्त नकद हस्तांतरण
  • CCT Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: শর্তাধীন নগদ স্থানান্তর
  • CCT Full Form in Marathi is: सशर्त रोख हस्तांतरण
  • CCT Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: நிபந்தனை பணப் பரிமாற்றம்
  • CCT Full Form in Telegu is: షరతులతో కూడిన నగదు బదిలీ

CCT Full Form or meaning in Banking sector is: Conditional Cash Transfer

CCT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CCT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Computer Compatible Tape Space Science CCT
Cost Commitment Team Space Science CCT
Colonia Catriel Airport Code CCT
Certified Cardiographic Technician Certifications CCT
Certified Composites Technician Certifications CCT
Cisco Certified Technicians Certifications CCT
Certified Calibration Technician Certifications CCT
Center for Computation Technology Technology CCT
Clean Colour Technology Technology CCT
Center for Communication Technology Technology CCT
Convergent Connectivity Technology Technology CCT
Communication Culture Technology Technology CCT
Communication Culture and Technology Technology CCT
Columbia College Today Educational Institute CCT
College Courses for Teach Educational Institute CCT
Certificate In College Teaching Educational Institute CCT
Critical Crevice Temperature Earth Science CCT
Correlated Color Temperature Physics Related CCT
Custom Craft Technologies Physics Related CCT
Circuit Physics Related CCT
Convergent Clock Trace Physics Related CCT
Certificato Di Credito Del Tesoro Stock Exchange CCT
Compulsory Competitive Tendering Stock Exchange CCT
Consolidated Change Tables Military and Defence CCT
Collaborative Contingency Targeting Military and Defence CCT
Combat Control Team Military and Defence CCT
Combat Challenge Team Military and Defence CCT
Channel Check Test Computer and Networking CCT
Consultative Committee – Telecommunications (Trilateral) Computer and Networking CCT
Call Centre Technology Telecommunication CCT
Shockwave Cast (macromedia Director) File Type CCT
KAKINADA TOWN Indian Railway Station CCT
Cocos Islands Time Time CCT
China Coast Time [utc + 0800] Time CCT

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