What is the full form of CR?

CR Full Form is: Credit

  • Category: Banking
  • CR Full Form in Hindi is: साख
  • CR Full Form in Bengali is: ক্রেডিট
  • CR Full Form in Marathi is: पत
  • CR Full Form in Tamil is: கடன்
  • CR Full Form in Telegu is: క్రెడిట్

Full Form or meaning of CR In Banking sector is: Credit


Other Significant Full Form of CR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Central Railways Indian Ministry of Railways CR
Carriage Return Information Technology CR
Capabilities Request (see CL) Computer and Networking CR
Contingency Reserve Banking CR
Code Release Softwares CR
Costa Rica Country Names CR
Call Reference Telecommunication CR
Basic Vb Kartei File File Type CR$
Communications Range Electronics CR
Chromium Chemistry Cr
Cyclotron Resonance Electronics CR
Comfortable Runabout Electronics CR
Credit Banking Cr
Crore Banking Cr


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