What is the full form of PO?

PO Full form Kya hay?

PO Full Form is: Probationary Officer

P = Probationary

O = Officer

  • Category: Banking
  • PO Full Form in Hindi is: प्रमाणीकरण अधिकारी
  • PO Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: শিক্ষানবিশ কর্মকর্তা
  • PO Full Form in Marathi is: परिविक्षाधीन अधिकारी
  • PO Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: சோதனை அதிகாரி
  • PO Full Form in Telegu is: ప్రొబేషనరీ అధికారి

PO Full Form or meaning in Banking sector is: Probationary Officer

PO or Probationary Officer Pronunciation

PO Full Form

Names Probation and parole officer
Probation and parole agent
Community corrections officer
Correctional treatment specialist
Occupation type
Activity sectors
Law enforcement, corrections, public safety, public service, social work
Competencies Secondary or tertiary education
Fields of
Public areas, correctional facilities
Related jobs
Police officer
correctional officer
social worker
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Other Significant Full Form of PO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Purchase Order Business PO
Partition Organized Networking PO
Parity Outer Softwares PO
Portable Object Softwares PO
Program Owner Softwares PO
PARANGIPETTAI Indian Railway Station PO
Polonium Chemistry Po
Partial Open Electronics PO
Power Output Electronics PO
Power Outage Electronics PO
Pooped Out Messaging PO
Posting Online Messaging PO
Production Order Accounts and Finance PO
Periodic Orbit Space Science PO
Personnel Office Space Science PO
Post-orbit Space Science PO
Parole Officer Job Title PO
Performance Objective Job Title PO
Printer Operator Job Title PO
Police Officer Job Title PO
Pee-ons Job Title PO
Personal Offer Job Title PO
Presenting Officer Job Title PO
Promotion Opportunity Job Title PO
Pole On Sports PO
Putout Sports PO
Pull Off Sports PO
Pick Off Sports PO
Pay Off Sports PO
Planning Order Military and Defence PO
Program Objective Military and Defence PO
Petty Officer Military and Defence PO
Pilot Officer (royal Air Force) Military and Defence PO
Peace Operations Military and Defence PO
Provocative Operation Military and Defence PO
Pull Out Military and Defence PO
Post Office Indian Government PO
Plus One Computer Assembly Language PO
Placeable Object Database Management PO
Path Order Maths PO
Pareto Optimal Maths PO
Projection of …. Maths PO

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