What is the full form of COD?

COD Full Form is: Cash on Delivery

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  • COD Full Form in Hindi is: डिलवरी पर नकदी
  • COD Full Form in Bengali is: প্রদানোত্তর পরিশোধ
  • COD Full Form in Marathi is: घरपोच दिल्यावर रोख रक्कम
  • COD Full Form in Tamil is: டெலிவரி போது பணம்
  • COD Full Form in Telegu is: వస్తువులు అందిన తరువాత నగదు చెల్లించడం

Full Form or meaning of COD In Business Terms sector is: Cash on Delivery


Other Significant Full Form of COD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cash on delivery Business Trade COD
Call of Duty Computing Games & Entertainment COD
Chemical Oxygen Demand Chemistry COD
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Country ISO Code COD
Boxer/2 Printer Code Definition File File Type COD
Program Compiled Code File Type COD
Source Code In Assembler with Original C Code As Comments (ms C) File Type COD
Template Source File (dbase Application Generator) File Type COD
CHHOTA GUDHA Indian Railway Station COD
Capacity On Demand Chemistry COD
1,5-cyclooctadiene Chemistry COD
Center Operations Directorate Space Science COD
Cockpit Only Deorbit Space Science COD
Videotext File File Type COD
Crash On Demand Computer Assembly Language COD
Compact Object Description Database Management COD


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