What is the full form of BSI?

BSI Full form Kya hay?

BSI Full Form is: British Standards Institution

B = British

S = Standards

I = Institution

  • Category: Business
  • BSI Full Form in Hindi is: ब्रिटिश मानक संस्थान
  • BSI Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: ব্রিটিশ স্ট্যান্ডার্ড ইনস্টিটিউশন
  • BSI Full Form in Marathi is: ब्रिटिश मानक संस्था
  • BSI Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: பிரிட்டிஷ் தரநிலைகள் நிறுவனம்
  • BSI Full Form in Telegu is: బ్రిటిష్ ప్రమాణాల సంస్థ

BSI Full Form or meaning in Business sector is: British Standards Institution

BSI or British Standards Institution Pronunciation

BSI Full Form

Type Non-profit distributing incorporated body operating under Royal Charter
Number of locations
90 offices in 31 countries
Area served
Products standards and standards related services
Revenue £539.3m (2020)
Number of employees
5,237 (2020)
Founded 1901
London, United Kingdom
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Other Significant Full Form of BSI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Billing System Investigation Accounts and Finance BSI
Basic Shipping Instructions Space Science BSI
Boeing Services International, Inc. Space Science BSI
Blairsville (pa) Airport Code BSI
Battlefield Systems Institute (or Integration) Military and Defence BSI
Base Support Installation Military and Defence BSI
Broadcast Software International Softwares BSI
BASBARI Indian Railway Station BSI
Bank Saderat Iran Banking BSI

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