What is the full form of CTC?

CTC Full Form is: Cost to Company

  • Category: Business
  • CTC Full Form in Hindi is: कंपनी को लागत
  • CTC Full Form in Bengali is: কোম্পানির খরচ
  • CTC Full Form in Marathi is: कंपनीला खर्च
  • CTC Full Form in Tamil is: நிறுவனத்திற்கான செலவு
  • CTC Full Form in Telegu is: కంపెనీకి ఖర్చు

Full Form or meaning of CTC In Business sector is: Cost to Company

CTC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CTC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Calcutta Tramways Company Limited West Bengal Government CTC
Certificate of Technical Competence Educational Degree CTC
Client Transport Control Networking CTC
Pc Installer Control File File Type CTC
Croc Termination Conditions File Type CTC
CUTTACK Indian Railway Station CTC
Carbon Tetrachloride Chemistry CTC
Cluster Tool Controller Electronics CTC
Care To Chat? Messaging CTC
Centralized Traffic Control Country Specific CTC
Chenoy Trade Centre Country Specific CTC
Catamarca Airport Code CTC
Certified True Copy Certifications CTC
Cad Technology Center Technology CTC
Chrysler Technology Center Technology CTC
Connecticut Technology Council Technology CTC
Connection Technology Center Technology CTC
Corner To Corner Maths CTC
Community and Technical College Educational Institute CTC
Community and Technical Colleges Educational Institute CTC
City Technology College Educational Institute CTC
Catholic Theological College Educational Institute CTC
Central Texas College Educational Institute CTC
Cyclists Touring Club Sports CTC
Capture The Chicken Sports CTC
Canadian Tennis Centre Sports CTC
Cadet Training Centre Military and Defence CTC
Combined Training Camp Military and Defence CTC
Civilian Treatment Center Military and Defence CTC
Cargo Transfer Company Military and Defence CTC
Counterterrorist Center Military and Defence CTC
Combat Training Center Military and Defence CTC
Contract Target Cost Military and Defence CTC
Coast To Coast Accounts and Finance CTC
Current Total Compensation Accounts and Finance CTC
Camera, Timing, and Control Space Science CTC
Chief Test Conductor Space Science CTC
Core Technical Capabilities Space Science CTC
Certified Travel Counselor Job Title CTC


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