What is the full form of BOD?

BOD Full Form is: Biochemical oxygen demand

  • Category: Chemistry
  • BOD Full Form in Hindi is: बायोकेमिकल ऑक्सीजन मांग
  • BOD Full Form in Bengali is: বায়োকেমিক্যাল অক্সিজেন চাহিদা
  • BOD Full Form in Marathi is: बायोकेमिकल ऑक्सिजनची मागणी
  • BOD Full Form in Tamil is: உயிர்வேதியியல் ஆக்ஸிஜன் தேவை
  • BOD Full Form in Telegu is: బయోకెమికల్ ఆక్సిజన్ డిమాండ్

Full Form or meaning of BOD In Chemistry sector is: Biochemical oxygen demand


Other Significant Full Form of BOD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
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Bookseller On Duty Job Title BOD
BANGROD Indian Railway Station BOD
Biological Oxygen Demand Chemistry BOD
Biochemical Oxygen Demand Chemistry BOD
Better Off Dead Military and Defence BOD
Blogs of Dreamers Messaging BOD
Body Messaging BOD
Beneficial Occupancy Date Space Science BOD
Beginning of Day Measurement Unit BOD
Biological Organic Deposit Chemistry BOD
Bandwidth On Demand Telecommunication BOD
Bordeaux Airport Code BOD
Brothers of Destruction Sports BOD
Barrels of Oil Per Day Measurement Unit BOD


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