What is the full form of K?

K Full Form is: Potassium

  • Category: Chemistry
  • K Full Form in Hindi is: पोटैशियम
  • K Full Form in Bengali is: পটাসিয়াম
  • K Full Form in Marathi is: पोटॅशियम
  • K Full Form in Tamil is: பொட்டாசியம்
  • K Full Form in Telegu is: పొటాషియం

Full Form or meaning of K In Chemistry sector is: Potassium

K Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of K

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Kreosote Chemistry K
Kelvin Chemistry K
Electromechanical Relay Electronics K
Cathode Electronics K
Okay Messaging K
Kiss Messaging K
Kool Messaging K
Thousands of … Accounts and Finance K
Kilo- (1,000) Space Science K
Kilocycle Space Science K
Thousand Space Science K
Kilo (1000) Measurement Unit k
Knowledge Job Title K
Kaiser Job Title K
Kitchen Real Estate K
Strikeout (baseball) Sports K
Karate Sports K
Kick Sports K
Kicker Sports K
Kicks Sports K
Killjoy Military and Defence K
Kill Military and Defence K
OK Internet Slang k
Kilobyte (1024 Bytes) Softwares K
KARANJGOAN Indian Railway Station K
Klynveld Country Specific K
Kathmandu Country Specific K
Kernel Database Management K
The Kth Item Maths K
Permeability Factor Earth Science K
Boltzmann Constant Physics Related K


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