What is the full form of PGA?

PGA Full Form is: Polyglycolic Acid

  • Category: Chemistry
  • PGA Full Form in Hindi is: पॉलीग्लाइकोलिक एसिड
  • PGA Full Form in Bengali is: পলিগ্লাইকোলিক অ্যাসিড
  • PGA Full Form in Marathi is: पॉलीग्लायकोलिक ऍसिड
  • PGA Full Form in Tamil is: பாலிகிளைகோலிக் அமிலம்
  • PGA Full Form in Telegu is: పాలీగ్లైకోలిక్ యాసిడ్

Full Form or meaning of PGA In Chemistry sector is: Polyglycolic Acid

PGA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PGA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Phosphoglyceric Acid Chemistry PGA
Phosphoglisaric Acid Chemistry PGA
Plastic Grid Array Electronics PGA
Programmable Gain Array Electronics PGA
Professional Graphics Adapter Electronics PGA
Power Generating Assembly Space Science PGA
Pressure Garment Assembly Space Science PGA
Page (az) Airport Code PGA
Program Global Area Computer Assembly Language PGA
Peak Ground Accerleration Physics Related PGA
Plane Gone Awol Military and Defence PGA
Pin Grid Array Information Technology PGA
Programmable Gate Array Information Technology PGA
Process Global Area Networking PGA
Programmable Gain Amplifier Softwares PGA
PAGARA Indian Railway Station PGA
Post Game Analysis Sports PGA
Professional Golfers Association Sports PGA
Posture Grip Alignment Sports PGA
Professional Golf Association Sports PGA


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