What is the full form of STP?

STP Full form Kya hay?

STP Full Form is: Standard Temperature and Pressure

S = Standard

T = Temperature and

P = Pressure

  • Category: Chemistry
  • STP Full Form in Hindi is: मानक तापमान और दबाव
  • STP Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: স্ট্যান্ডার্ড তাপমাত্রা এবং চাপ
  • STP Full Form in Marathi is: मानक तापमान आणि दाब
  • STP Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: நிலையான வெப்பநிலை மற்றும் அழுத்தம்
  • STP Full Form in Telegu is: ప్రామాణిక ఉష్ణోగ్రత మరియు పీడనం

STP Full Form or meaning in Chemistry sector is: Standard Temperature and Pressure

STP or Standard Temperature and Pressure Pronunciation

STP Full Form

The STP Full Form stands for Standard Temperature and Pressure. These conditions are commonly used in thermodynamic calculations, including the calculation of the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. These conditions help make comparisons easier and reduce errors. Many chemistry calculations are based on this type of condition, which is why STP is often used. In contrast, the Ideal Gas Law applies to gases that do not have standard state conditions. 

STP is a key part of the process of wastewater treatment. The STP gathers waste from many sources and filters it to remove toxic compounds before releasing it into the water.

Other Significant Full Form of STP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Shielded Twisted Pair Networking STP
Spanning-Tree Protocol Computing Protocols STP
Set of Transmission Parameters (TM6) Computer and Networking STP
Signaling Transfer Point Computer and Networking STP
Standards Technical Panel Computer and Networking STP
Sao Tome and Principe Country ISO Code STP
SITAPUR Indian Railway Station STP
See The People Messaging STP
Same Time Post Messaging STP
Simplified Technical Proposal Messaging STP
Society of Turnaround Professionals Accounts and Finance STP
Self-test Program Space Science STP
Shuttle Technology Panel Space Science STP
Space Technology Payload Space Science STP
Space Test Program Space Science STP
System Test Plan Space Science STP
Solar Terrestrial Probes Program Space Science STP
Minneapolis (mn) Airport Code STP
St Paul (mn) Airport Code STP
Secret Tweaker Pad Computer Hardware STP
Space Time Product Physics Related STP
Stock Trade Platform Stock Exchange STP
Straight Through Processing Stock Exchange STP
Service Transformation Project Military and Defence STP
Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Military and Defence STP
Special Tactics Protocol Military and Defence STP
Security Technical Procedure Military and Defence STP
Short Term Project Military and Defence STP
Signal Transfer Point Telecommunication STP
Spanning Tree Protocol Networking STP
Server Time Protocol Networking STP
Iso-10303 Step Product Data File Type STP
Software Test Plan Softwares STP
Speed Test Pro Softwares STP
Smothers, Tackles, Punches Sports STP
Soft Tail Pro Bicycle Sports STP
Scenario Tables Pool Sports STP

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