What is the full form of SPI?

SPI Full form Kya hay?

SPI Full Form is: Serial Peripheral Interface

S = Serial

P = Peripheral

I = Interface

  • Category: Communication
  • SPI Full Form in Hindi is: क्रमानुसार बाह्य इंटरफ़ेस
  • SPI Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সিরিয়াল পেরিফেরাল ইন্টারফেস
  • SPI Full Form in Marathi is: सीरियल पेरिफेरल इंटरफेस
  • SPI Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: தொடர் புற இடைமுகம்
  • SPI Full Form in Telegu is: సీరియల్ పెరిఫెరల్ ఇంటర్ఫేస్

SPI Full Form or meaning in Communication sector is: Serial Peripheral Interface

SPI or Serial Peripheral Interface Pronunciation

SPI Full Form

Type Serial communication bus
Production history
Designed 1979; 43 years ago
Designer Motorola    
Protocol Serial, full-duplex
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Other Significant Full Form of SPI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Stateful Packet Inspection Information Technology SPI
spots per inch Computer and Networking spi
Standard Programmatic Interface Computer and Networking SPI
Service Provider Interface Telecommunication SPI
Software Patent Institute Softwares SPI
Slagging Pyrolysis Incinerator Chemistry SPI
Solder Paste Inspection Electronics SPI
Split Port Induction Electronics SPI
Store Payment Interface Accounts and Finance SPI
Standard Practice Instruction Space Science SPI
Surface Position Indicator Space Science SPI
Samples Per Inch Measurement Unit SPI
Superintendent of Public Instruction Job Title SPI
Springfield (il) Airport Code SPI
Synchronous Parallel Interface Computer Hardware SPI
Scsi (small Computer System Interface) Parallel Interface Computer Hardware SPI
S Polynomial Information Maths SPI
Semantics, Proof, and Implementation Maths SPI
Strategic Planning Initiative Military and Defence SPI
Standard Performance Indicator Military and Defence SPI
Special Packaging Instruction Military and Defence SPI
Special Inspection Military and Defence SPI
Schedule Performance Index Military and Defence SPI
Software Process Improvement Military and Defence SPI
Special Investigative (usaf) Military and Defence SPI
Sensor Point of Interest Military and Defence SPI
Subsequent Protocol Identifier Networking SPI
Scsi-3 Parallel Interface Networking SPI
Security Parameter Index Networking SPI
Statefull Packet Inspection Networking SPI
Session Parameter Index Networking SPI

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