What is the full form of CLI?

CLI Full form Kya hay

CLI Full Form is: Command-Line Interface

C = Command

L = Line

I = Interface

  • Category: Computing
  • CLI Full Form in Arabic is: واجهة سطر الأوامر
  • CLI Full Form in Bengali is: কমান্ড-লাইন ইন্টারফেস
  • CLI Full Form in Chinese is: 命令行界面
  • CLI Full Form in Portuguese is: Interface de linha de comandos

CLI Full Form or meaning in Computing sector is: Command-Line Interface

CLI or Command-Line Interface Pronunciation

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Other Significant Full Form of CLI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cumulative Leakage Index Electronics CLI
Calling Line Identification Computer and Networking CLI
CHALGERI Indian Railway Station CLI
Cadet Leader Instructor Military and Defence CLI
Clintonville (wi) Airport Code CLI
Clear Interrupt-enable Flag Computer Assembly Language CLI

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