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What is the full form of DMA?

DMA Full form Kya hay?

DMA Full Form is: Direct Memory Access

D = Direct

M = Memory

A = Acess

  • Category: Computing/Technology
  • DMA Full Form in Hindi is: प्रत्यक्ष मेमोरी एक्सेस
  • DMA Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সরাসরি মেমরি অ্যাক্সেস
  • DMA Full Form in Marathi is: डायरेक्ट मेमरी ऍक्सेस
  • DMA Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: நேரடி நினைவக அணுகல்
  • DMA Full Form in Telegu is: డైరెక్ట్ మెమరీ యాక్సెస్

DMA Full Form or meaning in Computing and Technology sector is: Direct Memory Access

DMA or Direct Memory Access Pronunciation

DMA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DMA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Dominica Country ISO Code DMA
Doctor of Musical Arts Educational Degree DMA
Design for Manufacturability and Assembly Space Science DMA
Drive Motor Assembly Space Science DMA
Days Moving Average Measurement Unit DMA
Tucson (az) Airport Code DMA
Display Memory At Computer Assembly Language DMA
Database Machine Administrator Database Management DMA
Day Moving Average Stock Exchange DMA
Direct Market Access Stock Exchange DMA
Daily Morning Activity Sports DMA
Drum Majorettes of America Sports DMA
Delaware Military Academy Military and Defence DMA
Defense Media Activity Military and Defence DMA
Defense Mapping Agency Military and Defence DMA
Distant Monitor Access Networking DMA
Domain Manager Agent Networking DMA
Data Mining Algorithm Softwares DMA
DAMODAR JN Indian Railway Station DMA
N,n-di-methylacetamide Chemistry DMA
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Electronics DMA
Doesn’t Mean Anything Messaging DMA
Don’t Mention Age Messaging DMA

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