What is the full form of FR?

FR Full form Kya hay?

FR Full Form is: Frame Relay

F = Frame

R = Relay

  • Category: Computing
  • FR Full Form in Indonesian is: Relai bingkai
  • FR Full Acronym Form in Bengali is: ফ্রেম রিলে
  • FR Full Form in Arabic is: تبديل الأطر
  • FR Full Abbreviation Form in Chinese is: 帧中继

FR Full Form or meaning in Computing sector is: Frame Relay

FR or Frame Relay Pronunciation

FR Full Form

FR is an acronym for Frame Relay, which is a high-speed packet-switched data communications service similar to X.25. It is used for LAN-to-LAN interconnects. It is a protocol that routes frames based on the address field, and manages a virtual connection. 

Frame relay is a packet-switched data link layer protocol that provides a connectionless data service to end users. It enables the sharing of bandwidth between users and applications, which means it can be used for both voice and data communications.

Frame relay was originally designed to carry circuit-switched voice traffic over digital lines, but it has evolved to carry all types of traffic, including internet protocol (IP) packets.

Frame Relay is an older technology that was primarily used in the 1990s for carrying circuit-switched voice traffic over digital lines, but has since evolved to carry all types of traffic, including Internet Protocol (IP) packets.

Frame Relay features:

Frame Relay provides the following features:

  • * High speed transmission;
  • * Low cost;
  • * Supports both full-duplex and half-duplex transmission;
  • * Supports both LAN and WAN connections;
  • * Provides connections between different networks for short or long distances.

Other Significant Full Form of FR

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French [gauge] Measurement Unit fr.
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First Responder Job Title FR
Formula Racing Sports FR
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