What is the full form of LDPE?

LDPE Full form Kya hay?

LDPE Full Form is: Low-Density Polyethylene

L = Low

D = Densite

PE = Polyethylene

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  • LDPE Full Form in Hindi is: कम घनत्व पोलीथाईलीन
  • LDPE Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: নিম্ন ঘনত্ব পলিইথিলিন
  • LDPE Full Form in Marathi is: कमी घनता पॉलिथिलीन
  • LDPE Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: குறைந்த அடர்த்தி பாலிஎதிலீன்
  • LDPE Full Form in Telegu is: తక్కువ సాంద్రత కలిగిన పాలిథిలిన్

LDPE Full Form or meaning in Chemistry sector is: Low-Density Polyethylene

LDPE Full Form

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