What is the full form of MBR?

MBR Full form Kya hay?

MBR Full Form is: Master Boot Record

M = Master

B = Boot

R = Record

  • Category: Computing
  • MBR Full Form in Hindi is: मास्टर बूट दस्तावेज़
  • MBR Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: মাস্টার বুট রেকর্ড
  • MBR Full Form in Marathi is: मास्टर बूट रेकॉर्ड
  • MBR Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: முதன்மை துவக்க பதிவு
  • MBR Full Form in Telegu is: మాస్టర్ బూట్ రికార్డ్

MBR Full Form or meaning in Computing sector is: Master Boot Record

MBR or Master Boot Record Pronunciation

MBR Full Form

MBR stands for Master Boot Record and is the name for a special type of boot sector located at the beginning of a partitioned computer mass storage device.

MBR is a small program and partition table stored in the first sector of a device. The MBR determines the active operating system and branches to the boot program located in the boot sector. The MBR is not part of a partition, and is separate from a disk’s partition table. As a result, a bootable MBR must be present on both sides of a device. If this is not the case, the MBR must be moved from the boot sector to the boot sector.

Other Significant Full Form of MBR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Membrane Bio-reactor Chemistry MBR
Management By Reclining Messaging MBR
Management By Reward Business Management MBR
Mountain Bike Rider Sports MBR
Main Battle Rifle Military and Defence MBR
Mbout Airport Code MBR
Memory Buffer Register Computer Assembly Language MBR

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