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What is the full form of SSO?

SSO Full form Kya hay?

SSO Full Form is: Single Sign-On

S = Single

S = Sign

O = On

  • Category: Computing/Websites
  • SSO Full Form in Chinese is: 單一登入
  • SSO Acronym Full Form in Japanese is: シングルサインオン
  • SSO Full Form in Arabic is: تسجيل دخول أحادي
  • SSO Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ஒற்றைப் புகுபதிகை

SSO Full Form or meaning in Computing and Websites sector is: Single Sign-On

SSO or Single Sign-On Pronunciation

SSO Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SSO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Speech Service Option Computer and Networking SSO
Small String Optimisation Computer Technology SSO
Secondary Significant Other Messaging SSO
Sortof Significant Other Messaging SSO
School Services Officer Job Title SSO
School Service Officer Job Title SSO
Senior Support Officer Job Title SSO
Sao Lourenco Airport Code SSO
Skate Society of Oregon Sports SSO
Special Security Office(r) Military and Defence SSO
Spot Security Office Military and Defence SSO
Signal Security Office Military and Defence SSO
Special Security Office Military and Defence SSO
System Staff Officer Military and Defence SSO
Safety Signification Operation Space Science SSO
Source Selection Official Space Science SSO
Space Shuttle Orbiter Space Science SSO
Subsystem Operation (in Spacelab) Space Science SSO
Support System for Oex Space Science SSO
System Security Officer Space Science SSO

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