What is the full form of NO?

NO Full form Kya hay?

NO Full Form is: Norway

  • Category: Country Names
  • NO Full Form in Hindi is: नॉर्वे
  • NO Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: নরওয়ে
  • NO Full Form in Marathi is: नॉर्वे
  • NO Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: நார்வே
  • NO Full Form in Telegu is: నార్వే

NO Full Form or meaning in Country Names sector is: Norway

NO or Norway Pronunciation

NO Full Form

and largest city
Oslo 59°56′N 10°41′E
Official languages
  • Norwegian
  • Sámi
Recognised national languages
  • Kven
  • Romani
  • Scandoromani
  • Norwegian Sign Language
Ethnic groups
  • 81.5% Norwegian
  • 18.5% non-Norwegian
  • 75.6% Christianity
  • —68.7% Church of Norway
  • —6.9% Other Christian
  • 20.2% No religion
  • 3.4% Islam
  • 0.8% Others
Demonym(s) Norwegian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Harald V
• Prime Minister
Jonas Gahr Støre
• President of the Storting
Masud Gharahkhani
• Chief Justice
Toril Marie Øie
  • Stortinget
    • Sámediggi
• State established prior unification
• Old Kingdom of Norway (Peak extent)
• Kalmar Union
• Denmark–Norway
• Re-established state
25 February 1814
• Constitution
17 May 1814
• Union between Sweden and Norway
4 November 1814
• Dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden
7 June 1905
• Total
385,207 km2 (148,729 sq mi) (61stb)
• Water (%)
5.32 (2015)
• 2022 estimate
Neutral increase 5,425,270 (118th)
• Density
14.0/km2 (36.3/sq mi) (213th)
GDP (PPP) 2020 estimate
• Total
$350 billion (49th)
• Per capita
$64,856 (6th)
GDP (nominal) 2020 estimate
• Total
$366 billion (33rd)
• Per capita
$67,987 (4th)
• Summer (DST)
Date format
Driving side right
Calling code +47
ISO 3166 code NO
Internet TLD .nod
Gini (2019) Negative increase 25.4 low
HDI (2019) Increase 0.957 very high · 1st
Currency Norwegian krone (NOK)
Time zone UTC+1 (CET)
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Other Significant Full Form of NO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Nobelium Chemistry No
Nitric Oxide Chemistry NO
Normally Open Electronics NO
Nodal Office Banking NO
Non Oscillatory Maths NO
The Number of …. Maths NO
Numero Maths NO
Native Officer (colonial India) Military and Defence NO
Number Military and Defence NO
PROBLEM NOn PROprietary reliaBLe Electronic Mail Computer and Networking NO
Number Messaging No.
Normal Output Accounts and Finance NO
Not for Off-ksc Distribution Space Science NO
Not On Computer Hardware NO

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