What is the full form of PEN?

PEN Full form Kya hay?

PEN Full Form is: Peruvian Nuevo Sol

PE = Peruvian

N = Nuevo Sol

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  • PEN Full Form in Hindi is: पेरूवियन नुएवो सोलो
  • PEN Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: পেরুভিয়ান নুয়েভো সল
  • PEN Full Form in Marathi is: पेरुव्हियन न्यूवो सोल
  • PEN Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: பெருவியன் நியூவோ சோல்
  • PEN Full Form in Telegu is: పెరువియన్ న్యూవో సోల్

PEN Full Form or meaning in Country Names sector is: Peruvian Nuevo Sol

PEN or Peruvian Nuevo Sol Pronunciation

PEN Full Form

Peruvian sol
sol peruano (Spanish)
ISO 4217
Code PEN
Number 604
Exponent 2
1100 céntimo
Plural soles
 céntimo céntimos
Symbol S/
 Freq. used 10, 20, 50, 100 soles
 Rarely used 200 soles
 Freq. used 10, 20, 50 céntimos, 1, 2, 5 soles
 Rarely used 1, 5 céntimos (discontinued, still legal tender)
Date of introduction July 1, 1991
Replaced Peruvian inti
User(s)  Peru
Printer Perum Peruri
Mint National Mint (Casa Nacional de Moneda)
Central bank Central Reserve Bank of Peru
Inflation 2%
 Source  January 2014
Sourece Website

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