What is the full form of PK?

PK Full form Kya hay?

PK Full Form is: Pakistan

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  • PK Full Form in Hindi is: पाकिस्तान
  • PK Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: পাকিস্তান
  • PK Full Form in Marathi is: पाकिस्तान
  • PK Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: பாகிஸ்தான்
  • PK Full Form in Telegu is: పాకిస్తాన్

PK Full Form or meaning in Country Names sector is: Pakistan

PK or Pakistan Pronunciation

PK Full Form

Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • اِسلامی جمہوریہ پاكِستان (Urdu)
  • Islāmī Jumhūriyah Pākistān
Flag of Pakistan
State emblem of Pakistan
State emblem
Motto: Īmān, Ittihād, Nazam
ایمان، اتحاد، نظم
“Faith, Unity, Discipline”
Anthem: Qaumī Tarānah
قَومی ترانہ
“The National Anthem”
Thou symbol of high resolve, o land of Pakistan!
Land controlled by Pakistan shown in dark green; land claimed but not controlled shown in light green
Land controlled by Pakistan shown in dark green; land claimed but not controlled shown in light green
Capital Islamabad
33°41′30″N 73°03′00″E
Largest city Karachi
24°51′36″N 67°00′36″E
Official languages
  • Urdu
  • English
Regional languages
  • Punjabi (39%)
  • Pashto (18%)
  • Sindhi (15%)
  • Saraiki (12%)
  • Balochi (3%)
  • Hindko (2%)
  • Pothwari (1%)
  • Brahui (1%)
  • Kashmiri (0.17%)
  • Balti
  • Burushaski
  • Dameli
  • Domaaki
  • Gawar-Bati
  • Kalasha
  • Khowar
  • Kohistani
  • Kutchi
  • Memoni
  • Shina
  • Wakhi
  • Yidgha
Ethnic groups 
  • 44.7% Punjabis
  • 15.4% Pashtuns
  • 14.1% Sindhis
  • 8.4% Saraikis
  • 7.6% Muhajirs
  • 3.6% Balochs
  • 6.3% Others
  • 96.47% Islam (official)
  • 2.14% Hinduism
  • 1.27% Christianity
  • 0.9% Ahmadiyya
  • 0.02% Others
Demonym(s) Pakistani
Government Federal Islamic parliamentary republic
• Chairman of the Senate
Sadiq Sanjrani
• Speaker of the National Assembly
Asad Qaiser
• Chief Justice
Umar Ata Bandial
Legislature Parliament
• Upper house
• Lower house
National Assembly
• President
Arif Alvi
• Prime Minister
Imran Khan
from the United Kingdom
• Dominion
14 August 1947
• Last polity withdrawn
12 January 1972
• Current constitution
14 August 1973
• Islamic Republic
23 March 1956
• Total
881,913 km2 (340,509 sq mi) (33rd)
• Water (%)
• 2021 estimate
Neutral increase 226,992,332 (5th)
• 2017 census
Neutral increase 207.8 million
• Density
244.4/km2 (633.0/sq mi) (56th)
GDP (PPP) 2021 estimate
• Total
Increase $1.110 trillion (26th)
• Per capita
Increase $5,839 (139th)
GDP (nominal) 2022 estimate
• Total
Increase $347 billion (43rd)
• Per capita
Increase $1,666 (159th)
Gini (2018) Positive decrease 31.6
HDI (2019) Increase 0.557
medium · 152nd
Currency Pakistani rupee (₨) (PKR)
Time zone UTC+05:00 (PKT)
  DST is not observed
Date format
  • ddmmyyyy
Mains electricity 230 V–50 Hz
Driving side left
Calling code +92
ISO 3166 code PK
Internet TLD
  • .pk
  • پاکستان.
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Other Significant Full Form of PK

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Tex Dvi Driver Packed Bitmap Font File File Type PK
Preacher’s Kid Messaging PK
Peak Space Science PK
Peck Measurement Unit PK
Professional Knowledge Job Title PK
Parking Real Estate PK
Platyrhynchos Kineticus (computer Game) Sports PK
Parkour (running Sport Originating In France) Sports PK
Personality Kill Sports PK
Philippino Kickboxing Sports PK
Penalty Kick Sports PK
Player Killing Sports PK
Player Kill Sports PK
Penalty King Sports PK
Player Killer Sports PK
Number of Players Killed Sports PK
Peacekeeping Military and Defence PK
Potato King Military and Defence PK
Peacekeeper Missile Military and Defence PK
Primary Key Military and Defence PK
Probability of Kill Military and Defence PK
PAKNI Indian Railway Station PK
Covalent Disassociation Constant Chemistry pK

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