What is the full form of RV?

RV Full Form is: River Valley

  • Category: Country Specific
  • RV Full Form in Hindi is: नदी की घाटी
  • RV Full Form in Bengali is: নদী উপত্যকা
  • RV Full Form in Marathi is: नदी दरी
  • RV Full Form in Tamil is: நதி பள்ளத்தாக்கு
  • RV Full Form in Telegu is: నది లోయ

Full Form or meaning of RV In Country Specific sector is: River Valley

RV Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of RV

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Real Value Computer Assembly Language RV
Relative Value Computer Assembly Language RV
Receive Variable Computer Assembly Language RV
Requires Variable Computer Assembly Language RV
Return Value Computer Assembly Language RV
Root Value Maths RV
Real Variable Maths RV
Random Variable Maths RV
Rock Valley Earth Science RV
Rifle Volunteers Military and Defence RV
Reduced Velocity Military and Defence RV
Long-range Seagoing Rescue Vessel Military and Defence RV
Rekeying Variable Military and Defence RV
Rendezvous Military and Defence RV
Recreational Vehicle Transport & Travel RV
Restricted Voting Softwares RV
RAVER Indian Railway Station RV
Reduced Viscosity Chemistry RV
Realized Volatility Chemistry RV
Referenced Variable Chemistry RV
Revaluation Accounts and Finance RV
Relative Velocity Space Science RV
Recirculation Valve Space Science RV
Recovery Vehicle Space Science RV
Recovery Vessel Space Science RV
Reentry Vehicle Space Science RV
Relief Valve Space Science RV
Retrieval Vessel Space Science RV
Rich Vagrant Job Title RV
Real Vacation Job Title RV
Radial Velocity Physics Related RV
Reference Value Physics Related RV
Replacement Value Real Estate RV
Race Version Sports RV
Receiving Votes Sports RV


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