What is the full form of SB?

SB Full Form is: Solomon Islands

  • Category: Country Names
  • SB Full Form in Hindi is: सोलोमन इस्लैंडस
  • SB Full Form in Bengali is: সলোমান দ্বীপপুঞ্জ
  • SB Full Form in Marathi is: सॉलोमन बेटे
  • SB Full Form in Tamil is: சாலமன் தீவுகள்
  • SB Full Form in Telegu is: సోలమన్ దీవులు

Full Form or meaning of SB In Country Names sector is: Solomon Islands

SB Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Bachelor of Science [lat.] Educational Degree SB
Switchboard Telecommunication SB
Service Billing Telecommunication SB
Subnegotiation Begin Networking SB
Signal Based Networking SB
Signed Byte Audio File File Type SB
SARAI BHOPAT Indian Railway Station SB
Savings Bank Banking SB
Steel Bank Banking SB
Spot Booking Banking SB
Spot Billing Banking SB
Sight Bills Banking SB
Sophisticated Banks Banking SB
Southern Belle Messaging SB
Smart Brain Messaging SB
Seriously Bro? Messaging SB
Social Butterfly Messaging SB
Spiritually Beautiful Messaging SB
Successful Bachelor Messaging SB
So Beautiful Messaging SB
Super Brilliant Messaging SB
Some Boy Messaging SB
Self-billing Accounts and Finance SB
Space Base Space Science SB
Speed Brake Space Science SB
Synchronization Base Space Science SB
Synchronization Bit Space Science SB
Spectroscopic Binary Space Science SB
Skill Base Job Title SB
Skill Bonus Job Title SB
Strong Back Job Title SB
Super Brain Job Title SB
Sellers Broker Job Title SB
Strong Bad Signal Radio Science SB
Scroll Bar Computer Assembly Language SB
Set Byte Computer Assembly Language SB
Self Booting Computer Hardware SB
Small Body Physics Related SB
Sub-basement Real Estate SB
Small Blind Real Estate SB
Season’s Best Sports SB
Shadow Boxer Sports SB
Stolen Base Sports SB
Separated By Sports SB
Score of Branch Sports SB
Softball Sports SB
Squawk Box Military and Defence SB
Standby Base Military and Defence SB
Soft Ballistic Military and Defence SB
Short Barrel Military and Defence SB
Supply Bulletin Military and Defence SB
Suicide Bomber Military and Defence SB
Steel Brigade Military and Defence SB
Small Boys Military and Defence SB
Antimony (stibium) Chemistry Sb
Antimony Chemistry Sb
Solvent Based Chemistry SB
Slow Blow (fuse) Electronics SB
Strong Base Ion Exchange Electronics SB
Simulated Battery Electronics SB
Substrate Backing Electronics SB


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