What is the full form of LKR?

LKR Full form Kya hay?

LKR Full Form is: Sri Lankan Rupee

LK = Sri Lankan

R = Rupee

  • Category: Currency
  • LKR Full Form in Hindi is: श्रीलंकाई रुपया
  • LKR Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: শ্রীলঙ্কা রুপি
  • LKR Full Form in Marathi is: श्रीलंकन ​​रुपया
  • LKR Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: இலங்கை ரூபாய்
  • LKR Full Form in Telegu is: శ్రీలంక రూపాయి

LKR Full Form or meaning in Currency sector is: Sri Lankan Rupee

LKR Full Form

Sri Lankan rupee
ශ්‍රී ලංකා රුපියල් (in Sinhala) இலங்கை ரூபாய் (in Tamil)
ISO 4217
Code LKR
1100 cent (¢)
Symbol ₨. /-රුரூ
Coins ₨.1/-, ₨.2/-, ₨.5/-, ₨.10/- 20/-
Banknotes ₨.20/-, ₨.50/-, ₨.100/-, ₨.500/-, ₨.1,000/-, ₨.5,000/-
User(s)  Sri Lanka
Printer De La Rue Lanka Currency and Security Print (Pvt) Ltd
Mint Royal Mint, United Kingdom
Central bank Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Inflation Negative increase 30%
 Source Central Bank of Sri Lanka
 Method CPI
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of LKR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
LUCKEESARAI JN Indian Railway Station LKR
Las Khoreh Airport Code LKR

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