What is the full form of TL?

TL Full form Kya hay?

TL Full Form is: Turkish Lira

T = Turkish

L = Lira

  • Category: Currency
  • TL Full Form in Hindi is: तुर्की लीरास
  • TL Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: তুর্কি লিরা
  • TL Full Form in Marathi is: तुर्की लिरा
  • TL Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: துருக்கிய லிரா
  • TL Full Form in Telegu is: టర్కిష్ లిరా

TL Full Form or meaning in Currency sector is: Turkish Lira

TL or Turkish Lira Pronunciation

TL Full Form

Code TRY
Number 949
Exponent 2
Banknotes ₺5, ₺10, ₺20, ₺50, ₺100, ₺200
 Freq. used 25kr, 50kr, ₺1
 Rarely used 1kr, 5kr, 10kr
Plural liralar
Symbol Lira: ₺,[1] TL, T₤ (old lira) Kuruş: kr
Official user(s)  Turkey  Northern Cyprus
Unofficial user(s) Syrian opposition Syrian Interim Government  Syrian Salvation Government
Central bank Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Printer CBRT Banknote Printer
Mint Turkish State Mint
Inflation 54.4% (February 2022)
 Source Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
 Method CPI
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of TL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Timor-Leste Country Names TL
Telephone Lead Telecommunication TL
Transport Layer Networking TL
Transmission Line Electronics TL
Technology Level Electronics TL
Transmission Loss Electronics TL
Term Loan Banking TL
True Love Messaging TL
Thrust Level Space Science TL
Time Latest Space Science TL
Traceability Lot Space Science TL
Transient Load Space Science TL
True Length Measurement Unit TL
Team Leader Job Title TL
Test Leader Job Title TL
Telecommunication License Radio Science TL
Timor Leste Country Specific TL
Typhoon Lagoon Country Specific TL
Type Locality Computer Assembly Language TL
Trigram Lines Maths TL
Tree List Maths TL
Tournament Level Sports TL
Trailer Life Military and Defence TL
Transfer Line Military and Defence TL
Target Locations Military and Defence TL
Top Level Softwares TL
Target Language Softwares TL
TILONIYA Indian Railway Station TL
Thallium Chemistry Tl
Time Line Physics Related TL
Top Layer Physics Related TL
Total Length Physics Related TL
Temporal Logic Physics Related TL

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