What is the full form of DAM?

DAM Full Form is: Database Activity Monitoring

  • Category: Database Management
  • DAM Full Form in Hindi is: डेटाबेस गतिविधि निगरानी
  • DAM Full Form in Bengali is: ডাটাবেস কার্যকলাপ পর্যবেক্ষণ
  • DAM Full Form in Marathi is: डेटाबेस क्रियाकलाप निरीक्षण
  • DAM Full Form in Tamil is: தரவுத்தள செயல்பாடு கண்காணிப்பு
  • DAM Full Form in Telegu is: డేటాబేస్ కార్యాచరణ పర్యవేక్షణ

Full Form or meaning of DAM In the Database Management sector is: Database Activity Monitoring

DAM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DAM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Diploma in Administrative Management Educational Degree in Commerce DAM
Diagnostic Acceptability Measurement Computer and Networking DAM
DHAMORA Indian Railway Station DAM
Don’t Ask Me Messaging DAM
Dekameter Measurement Unit dam
Dekametre Measurement Unit dam
Decameter Measurement Unit dam
Decametre Measurement Unit dam
Damascus Airport Code DAM
Double Aluminized Mylar Space Science DAM
Driver Amplifier Module Space Science DAM


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