What is the full form of SPD?

SPD Full form Kya hay?

SPD Full Form is: Sensory Processing Disorder

S = Sensory

P = Processing

D = Disorder

  • Category: Diseases & Conditions
  • SPD Full Form in Hindi is: संवेदी प्रसंस्करण विकार
  • SPD Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সেন্সরি প্রসেসিং ডিসঅর্ডার
  • SPD Full Form in Marathi is: सेन्सरी प्रोसेसिंग डिसऑर्डर
  • SPD Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: உணர்ச்சி செயலாக்க கோளாறு
  • SPD Full Form in Telegu is: సెన్సరీ ప్రాసెసింగ్ డిజార్డర్

SPD Full Form or meaning in Diseases & Conditions sector is: Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder Pronunciation

SPD Full Form

SPD is short for sensory processing disorder. Typically, this disorder causes difficulty processing sensory information. As a result, it can interfere with a child’s learning abilities. However, early identification is essential in the treatment of SPD.

A doctor or occupational therapist can provide guidance and therapy for a child with this disorder. In general, treatment for SPD involves therapy, which is led by a trained therapist. This therapy helps the child develop coping skills for the challenges that it presents.

An SPD nosology proposed by Miller LJ et al. (2007)
Specialty Psychiatry, occupational therapy, neurology
Symptoms Hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity to stimuli, and/or difficulties using sensory information to plan movement. Problems discriminating characteristics of stimuli.
Complications Low school performance, behavioral difficulties, social isolation, employment problems, family and personal stress
Risk factors Anxiety, behavioral difficulties
Diagnostic method Based on symptoms
Usual onset Uncertain
Treatment Occupational therapy
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What is the full form of SPI?

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