What is the full form of FS?

FS Full Form is: Forensic Science

  • Category: Educational Degree
  • FS Full Form in Hindi is: फोरेंसिक विज्ञान
  • FS Full Form in Bengali is: ফরেনসিক সায়েন্স
  • FS Full Form in Marathi is: फॉरेन्सिक सायन्स
  • FS Full Form in Tamil is: தடய அறிவியல்
  • FS Full Form in Telegu is: ఫోరెన్సిక్ సైన్స్

Full Form or meaning of FS In Educational Degree sector is: Forensic Science

FS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of FS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
File Server Networking FS
Usenix Faceserver File Bitmap Graphics File Type FS
Freespace Softwares FS
Free State Chemistry FS
Financial Service Banking FS
Fact Sheet Accounts and Finance FS
Financial Statement Accounts and Finance FS
Fail To Sync Space Science FS
Fail-safe Space Science FS
Fault Summary Space Science FS
Federal Specification Space Science FS
Fire Suppression Space Science FS
Flight System Space Science FS
Freon Servicer Space Science FS
Full Scale Space Science FS
Functional Schematic Space Science FS
Fuselage Station Space Science FS
Fixed Scale Measurement Unit FS
Fully Successful Job Title FS
Finite Sup Maths FS
Finite Size Maths FS
Fort Smith Military and Defence FS
Firing Squad Military and Defence FS
Flying Screen Military and Defence FS
Flogged By Firing Squad Military and Defence FS
Fighter Squadron Military and Defence FS
Flare Single-unit Fs Search Radius Safety Factor Military and Defence FS
Federal Standard Military and Defence FS
Fire Support Military and Defence FS
Friendly Status Military and Defence FS
Feasibility Study Military and Defence FS
Force Support Military and Defence FS
Flight Surgeon Military and Defence FS
 System Information Technology FS
Fixed Satellite Computer and Networking FS
Frame Size Computer and Networking FS
Full Service Computer and Networking FS
VDSL Full Service VDSL (FSAN Committee) Computer and Networking FS
Field Stones Earth Science FS
Free-standing Real Estate FS
For Sale Real Estate FS
Fantasy Schedule Sports FS


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