What is the full form of DC

DC Full Form is: Direct current

  • Category: Electronics
  • DC Full Form in Hindi is: एकदिश धारा
  • DC Full Form in Bengali is: সরাসরি বর্তমান
  • DC Full Form in Marathi is: थेट वर्तमान
  • DC Full Form in Tamil is: நேரடி மின்னோட்டம்
  • DC Full Form in Telegu is: డైరెక్ట్ కరెంట్

Full Form or meaning of DC In Electronics sector is: Direct current


Other Significant Full Form of DC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Direct Current Electronics DC
District of Columbia Regional DC
Dilip Chhabria Company Name DC
Device Context Networking DC
Directionality Classification Computer and Networking DC
Doctor of Chiropractic Medical DC
Data Compression Computer and Networking DC
Device Control Telecommunication DC
Dis-connected Telecommunication DC
Domain Component Networking DC
Domain Controller Networking DC
MAGUDANCHAVADI Indian Railway Station DC
Dielectric Constant Chemistry DC
Distributed Computing Chemistry DC
Dual Control Electronics DC
Disconnected Messaging DC
Default Currency Banking DC
Daily Chump Messaging DC
Doesn’t Count Messaging DC
Dry Circuit Telecommunication DC
Devastating Charisma Messaging DC
Don’t Come Messaging DC
Delivery Charges Messaging DC
Direct Costs Accounts and Finance DC
Data Coordinator Space Science DC
Development Center Space Science DC
Display Coupler Space Science DC
Direct Command Space Science DC
Digital Counts Measurement Unit DC
Delivery Coordinator Job Title DC
Division Chief Job Title DC
Declare Constant Computer Assembly Language DC
Define Constant Computer Assembly Language DC
Date of Creation Database Management DC
Date Created Database Management DC
Direct Coupled Computer Hardware DC
Disconnect Computer Hardware DC
Dynamic Conversion Physics Related DC
Data Center Computer Hardware DC
Difference of Convex Functions Maths DC
Doesn’t Care Maths DC
Delta College Educational Institute DC
Drill Collar Earth Science DC
Don’t Care Electronics DC

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