What is the full form of DE?

DE Full Form is: Device Emulator

  • Category: Electronics
  • DE Full Form in Hindi is: डिवाइस एमुलेटर
  • DE Full Form in Bengali is: ডিভাইস এমুলেটর
  • DE Full Form in Marathi is: डिव्हाइस एमुलेटर
  • DE Full Form in Tamil is: சாதன முன்மாதிரி
  • DE Full Form in Telegu is: పరికర ఎమ్యులేటర్

Full Form or meaning of DE In Electronics sector is: Device Emulator

DE Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DE

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Dull Emitter Electronics DE
Do Easy Messaging DE
Double Entry Accounts and Finance DE
Design Engineering Directorate Space Science DE
Doppler Extractor Space Science DE
Dynamics Explorer Space Science DE
Domain Expert Job Title DE
Digital Employee Job Title DE
Driven Element Radio Science DE
Data Entry Database Management DE
Duplicate Elimination Database Management DE
Data Environemnt Database Management DE
Digital Environment Computer Hardware DE
Discrete Exact Maths DE
Differential Equation Maths DE
Diatomaceous Earth Earth Science DE
Dynamic Effort Physics Related DE
Discrete Event Physics Related DE
Discharge Electrode Physics Related DE
Dynamic Equivalence Physics Related DE
Directed Energy Military and Defence DE
Data Element Military and Defence DE
Development Estimate Military and Defence DE
Display Entity Military and Defence DE
Damage Expectancy Military and Defence DE
Delay Equalizer Military and Defence DE
Drift Error Military and Defence De
Dental Emergency Military and Defence DE
Dutch Elite Military and Defence DE
Germany Country Names DE
Discard Eligibility Telecommunication DE
Discard Eligible Networking DE
Desktop Environment Networking DE
Borland C++ 4.x Project Backup File File Type ~DE
Driver Events Softwares DE
Digital Extremes Softwares DE
Double Exchange Chemistry DE
Dissociation Energy Chemistry DE
Decomposition Element Chemistry DE
Direct Elimination Sports DE
Doubles Event Sports DE
Delete Entity Computer Assembly Language DE


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