What is the full form of PRS?

PRS Full form Kya hay?

PRS Full Form is: Pseudo-Random Sequence

P = Pseudo

R = Random

S = Sequence

  • Category: Electronics
  • PRS Full Form in Hindi is: छद्म यादृच्छिक अनुक्रम
  • PRS Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সিউডো-র্যান্ডম সিকোয়েন্স
  • PRS Full Form in Marathi is: स्यूडो-यादृच्छिक क्रम
  • PRS Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: போலி-ரேண்டம் வரிசை
  • PRS Full Form in Telegu is: సూడో-రాండమ్ సీక్వెన్స్

PRS Full Form or meaning in Electronics sector is: Pseudo-Random Sequence

PRS or Pseudo-Random Sequence Pronunciation

PRS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PRS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Payment Reminder System Accounts and Finance PRS
Payload Retention Subsystem Space Science PRS
Payload Rotation Stand Space Science PRS
Personnel Rescue Service Space Science PRS
Personnel Rescue System Space Science PRS
Power Reactant System Space Science PRS
Precision Ranging System Space Science PRS
Primary Recovery Site Space Science PRS
Primary Rescue Site Space Science PRS
Provisioning Requirements Statement Space Science PRS
Prosthetic Research Specialist Job Title PRS
Professional Referral Source Job Title PRS
Parasi Airport Code PRS
Paper Rock Scissors Sports PRS
Practice Record Sheet Sports PRS
Place, Reach, and Snap Sports PRS
Platform Reception Scene Military and Defence PRS
President of The Royal Society Educational Degree PRS
Primary Reference Source Telecommunication PRS
Presentation ( Harvard Graphics for Windows) File Type PRS
Printer Resource File File Type PRS
Procedure (dbase Iv) File Type PRS

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