What is the full form of SMPS?

SMPS Full form Kya hay?

SMPS Full Form is: Switched-Mode Power Supply

S = Switched

M = Mode

P = Power

S = Supply

  • Category: Electronics
  • SMPS Full Form in Hindi is: स्विच्ड-मोड बिजली की आपूर्ति
  • SMPS Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সুইচড-মোড পাওয়ার সাপ্লাই
  • SMPS Full Form in Marathi is: स्विच मोड पॉवर सप्लाय
  • SMPS Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ஸ்விட்ச்-மோட் பவர் சப்ளை
  • SMPS Full Form in Telegu is: స్విచ్డ్-మోడ్ పవర్ సప్లై

SMPS Full Form or meaning in Electronics sector is: Switched-Mode Power Supply

SMPS or Switched-Mode Power Supply Pronunciation

SMPS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SMPS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Computer Hardware SMPS

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