What is the full form of SSR?

SSR Full form Kya hay?

SSR Full Form is: Solid State Relay

S = Solid

S = State

R = Relay

  • Category: Electronics
  • SSR Full Form in Hindi is: ठोस अवस्था रिले
  • SSR Acronym Full Form in Chinese is: 固態繼電器
  • SSR Full Form in Japanese is: 半導体リレー
  • SSR Full Form in Arabic is: المرحل الحالة الصلبة

SSR Full Form or meaning in Electronics sector is: Solid State Relay

SSR or Solid State Relay Pronunciation

SSR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SSR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Simulated Solar Radiation Space Science SSR
Software Specification Review Space Science SSR
Shop Support Request Space Science SSR
Staff Support Room Space Science SSR
Station Set Requirement Space Science SSR
System Requirements Review Space Science SSR
Sara Airport Code SSR
Super Sports Roadster Sports SSR
Speed Star Racing Sports SSR
Scary Sad Rookies Sports SSR
Sharp Shooting Rangers Military and Defence SSR
Special Support and Reconnaissance Company Military and Defence SSR
Sword Swing Ratio Military and Defence SSR
Scoping Study Report Military and Defence SSR
Security Sector Reform Military and Defence SSR
Small Storage Rack Military and Defence SSR
Site Survey Report Military and Defence SSR
Supply Support Request Military and Defence SSR
System Summary Report Military and Defence SSR
Sampler Sans Reproche Softwares SSR
Small Screen Reader Softwares SSR
Simple Site Rotator Softwares SSR
SARERI Indian Railway Station SSR

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