What is the full form of CET Exam?

CET Exam Full Form is: Common Entrance Test

  • Category: Examination
  • CET Exam Full Form in Hindi is: कॉमन एंट्रेंस टेस्ट
  • CET Exam Full Form in Bengali is: সাধারণ প্রবেশিকা পরীক্ষা
  • CET Exam Full Form in Marathi is: सामाईक प्रवेश परीक्षा
  • CET Exam Full Form in Tamil is: பொது நுழைவுத் தேர்வு
  • CET Exam Full Form in Telegu is: కామన్ ఎంట్రన్స్ టెస్ట్

Full Form or meaning of CET Exam In Examination sector is: Common Entrance Test

CET Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CET

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Central European Time Time CET
Computer Engineering Technology Educational Degree CET
Count Enable Trickle Electronics CET
Cern Expenditure Tracking Accounts and Finance CET
Cholet Airport Code CET
Certified Elevator Techican Certifications CET
Cycle Electrical Test Computer Hardware CET
Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Technology CET
Clark Equality Theory Maths CET
College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar Educational Institute CET
College English Test Educational Institute CET
College of Emerging Technologies Educational Institute CET
Constant Elasticity of Transformation Physics Related CET
Canyon Extreme Track Sports CET
Combat Engineer Tractor Military and Defence CET
Certified Electronics Technician Job Title CET
Certified Environmental Trainer Job Title CET
Certifiable Entertaining Troll Job Title CET
Certified Engineering Technologist Job Title CET
Civil Engineering Technician Job Title CET
Certified Elevator Technician Job Title CET


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