What is the full form of SPL?

SPL Full Form is: Splint Compressed File Archive

  • Category: File Type
  • SPL Full Form in Hindi is: स्प्लिंट कंप्रेस्ड फाइल आर्काइव
  • SPL Full Form in Bengali is: স্প্লিন্ট সংকুচিত ফাইল সংরক্ষণাগার
  • SPL Full Form in Marathi is: स्प्लिंट कॉम्प्रेस्ड फाइल संग्रहण
  • SPL Full Form in Tamil is: ஸ்பிளிண்ட் சுருக்கப்பட்ட கோப்பு காப்பகம்
  • SPL Full Form in Telegu is: స్ప్లింట్ కంప్రెస్డ్ ఫైల్ ఆర్కైవ్

Full Form or meaning of SPL In File Type sector is: Splint Compressed File Archive

SPL Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SPL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Sprint Customized Printer Driver File Type SPL
Personal Spell Dictionary File Type SPL
Sample File Type SPL
Macromedia Splash File File Type SPL
Spool File for Printing File Type SPL
Standard Php Library Softwares SPL
SUNDARAPRMLKOIL Indian Railway Station SPL
Speech Perception Level Electronics SPL
Special Banking Spl
School Pupil Leader Banking SPL
Secured Personal Loan Banking SPL
Super Powerful Link Messaging SPL
Schiphol Airport Code SPL
Set Priority Level Computer Assembly Language SPL
Set Processor Level Computer Assembly Language SPL
Steep Power Law Maths SPL
Scottish Premier League Sports SPL
Sound Pressure Level Computer and Networking SPL
Scratch Pad Line Space Science SPL
Serialized Parts List Space Science SPL
System Programming Language Space Science SPL
Software Products Library Space Science SPL
Split Phase Level Space Science SPL


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