What is the full form of JPC?

JPC Full form Kya hay?

JPC Full Form is: Joint Parliamentary Committee

J = Joint

P = Parliamentary

C = Commitee

  • Category: Firms & Organizations
  • JPC Full Form in Hindi is: संयुक्त संसदीय समिति
  • JPC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: যৌথ সংসদীয় কমিটি
  • JPC Full Form in Marathi is: संयुक्त संसदीय समिती
  • JPC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: நாடாளுமன்ற கூட்டுக் குழு
  • JPC Full Form in Telegu is: జాయింట్ పార్లమెంటరీ కమిటీ

JPC Full Form or meaning in Firms & Organizations sector is: Joint Parliamentary Committee

JPC Full Form

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