What is the full form of MTR?

MTR Full form Kya hay?

MTR Full Form is: Mavalli Tiffin Room

M = Mavalli

T = Tiffin

R = Room

  • Category: Firms & Organizations
  • MTR Full Form in Hindi is: मावली टिफिन रूम
  • MTR Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: মাওয়াল্লি টিফিন রুম
  • MTR Full Form in Marathi is: मावल्ली टिफिन रूम
  • MTR Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: மாவள்ளி டிபன் ரூம்
  • MTR Full Form in Telegu is: మావల్లి టిఫిన్ రూమ్

MTR Full Form or meaning in Firms & Organizations sector is: Mavalli Tiffin Room

MTR Full Form

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)
Type Private
Industry Food
Predecessor Brahmin Coffee Club
Founded 1924
Founder Parampalli Yagnanarayana Maiya
Fate managed by the original family that started it]]
Key people
  • Parameshwara Maiya
  • Ganappayya Maiya
  • Parampalli Yagnanarayana Maiya
  • Parampalli Sadananda Maiya
  • Harishchandra Maiy
Products Food
Services Food
Parent Orkla ASA
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Number of locations
Area served
Statewide, Singapore, Dubai, Kaulalumpur, London
  • MTR Foods
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of MTR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
MOTIPUR Indian Railway Station MTR
Mean Time To Repair Messaging MTR
Mavalli Tiffin Room Country Specific MTR
Monteria Airport Code MTR
Multi-track Recorder Computer Hardware MTR
Military Technical Revolution Military and Defence MTR
Mortar Military and Defence MTR
Magnetic Tape Recorder Space Science MTR
Motor Space Science MTR
Materials Technology Research Measurement Unit MTR

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