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What is the full form of CAP?

CAP Full form Kya hay?

CAP Full Form is: Canadian Action Party

C = Canadian

A = Action

P = Party

  • Category: Governmental/Politics
  • CAP Full Form in Hindi is: कैनेडियन एक्शन पार्टी
  • CAP Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: কানাডিয়ান অ্যাকশন পার্টি
  • CAP Full Form in Marathi is: कॅनेडियन ऍक्शन पार्टी
  • CAP Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: கனடியன் அதிரடி கட்சி
  • CAP Full Form in Telegu is: కెనడియన్ యాక్షన్ పార్టీ

CAP Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Politics sector is: Canadian Action Party

CAP or Canadian Action Party Pronunciation

CAP Full Form

The Canadian Action Party (CAP) is a right-wing populist and anti-establishment political party in Canada. The CAP was founded in 1997 by the late Ernst Zündel, a German immigrant to Canada who became known as one of the world’s most prominent Holocaust deniers.

The CAP was founded as an alternative to mainstream political parties, and its platform reflects this. The party has been described as “anti-immigrant, anti-Quebecer, anti-feminist, pro-guns, pro-life and pro death penalty.”

Canadian Action Party
Parti Action Canadienne
Leader Jeremy Arney
President Jeff Sakula
Dissolved 31 March 2017
Split from Liberal Party
Headquarters 788 Mabel Lake Road, Lumby, British Columbia, Canada
Ideology Canadian nationalism Civic nationalism Left-wing nationalism Anti-Americanism Anti-globalization Monetary reform
Political position Left-wing
Colours   Red
House of Commons
0 / 338
0 / 105
Founder Paul T. Hellyer
Founded 1997
  • Politics of Canada
  • Political parties
  • Elections
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Other Significant Full Form of CAP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Carrier-less Amplitude modulation Phase modulation Computer and Networking CAP
Columbia Appletalk Package Networking CAP
Client Access Protocol Networking CAP
Competitive Access Provider Networking CAP
Common Aftermarket Protocol Softwares CAP
Collaborative Analytical Processing Softwares CAP
Custom Application Program Softwares CAP
Channel Assembly Program Softwares CAP
CHATRAPUR Indian Railway Station CAP
Carrierless Amplitude Phase Electronics CAP
Capacitor Electronics CAP
Combined Analog and Pulsative Electronics CAP
Capital Banking Cap
Competency Assessment Program Accounts and Finance CAP
Customer Approved Payment Accounts and Finance CAP
Capacity Space Science CAP
Ccms (checkout, Control and Monitor System) Application Program Space Science CAP
Computer Application Program Space Science CAP
Contractor Acquired Property Space Science CAP
Cost Account Package Space Science CAP
Crew Activity Plan Space Science CAP
Career Alignment Profile Job Title CAP
Career Action Plan Job Title CAP
Career Apprenticeship Program Job Title CAP
Compressed and Packed Computer Assembly Language CAP
Consistency, Availability, and Partition Database Management CAP
Casing Added Protection Computer Hardware CAP
Coefficients and Properties Maths CAP
Celebration of Athletic Participation Sports CAP
Civil Augmentation Program Military and Defence CAP
Consolidated Appeals Process Military and Defence CAP
Crisis Action Planning Military and Defence CAP
Captain [mil.] Military and Defence CAP
Crisis Action Procedures Military and Defence CAP
Configuration Audit Plan Military and Defence CAP
Capability Military and Defence CAP
Combat Air Patrol Military and Defence CAP
Current Approved Program Military and Defence CAP
Configuration and Alarm Panel Military and Defence CAP
Ventura Publisher Caption File File Type CAP
Compressed Music File File Type CAP
Session Capture File (procomm – Telix) File Type CAP
Cap Haitien Airport Code CAP
Certified Authorization Professional Certifications CAP
Certified Analytics Professional Certifications CAP

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