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What is the full form of CMP?

CMP Full form Kya hay?

CMP Full Form is: Corps of Military Police

C = Crops of

M = Military

P = Police

  • Category: Governmental/Police
  • CMP Full Form in Hindi is: सैन्य पुलिस की कोर

CMP Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Police sector is: Corps of Military Police

CMP or Corps of Military Police Pronunciation

CMP Full Form

Active 1939 – present
Country  India
Branch  Indian Army
Size 9,000 Personnel Approx
Regimental Centre Bangalore, Karnataka
Nickname(s) Provost
Motto(s) Seva Tatha Sahayata
Anniversaries 18 October (Corps Raising Day)
Decorations • PVSM-1 • AVSM-1 • SC-1 • SM-5 • MMs-1 • MiD-5
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Other Significant Full Form of CMP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Competitive Medical Plan Healthcare CMP
Certified Meeting Professional Educational Degree CMP
Connection Management Procedure Telecommunication CMP
Certificate Management Protocol Networking CMP
Canadian Military Pattern Military and Defence CMP
Contractor Management Plan Military and Defence CMP
Common Message Parser Military and Defence CMP
Communications Message Processor Military and Defence CMP
Chemical Mechanical Polishing Electronics CMP
Microsoft Word for Dos User Dictionary File Type CMP
CHROMEPET Indian Railway Station CMP
Chemical Mechanical Planarization Chemistry CMP
Component Maintenance Project Electronics CMP
Central, Mountain, Pacific Time CMP
Crisis Management Plan Messaging CMP
Contamination Monitor Package Space Science CMP
Configuration Management Plan Space Science CMP
Certified Medical Planner Job Title CMP
Certified Meeting Planner Job Title CMP
Complete Metaphysical Practitioner Job Title CMP
Santana Do Araguaia Airport Code CMP
Certified Management Professional Certifications CMP
Compare Computer Assembly Language CMP
Chip Multi-processing Computer Hardware CMP
Connected Math Projects Maths CMP
College Motivation Print Educational Institute CMP
Colt Magnetic Particle Physics Related CMP
Connection Management Protocol Business Management CMP
Current Market Price Stock Exchange CMP
Carolina Motorsports Park Sports CMP
Civilian Marksmanship Program Sports CMP
Lead Cmp Compression Bitmap Graphics File Type CMP
Photofinish Calibration Map File Type CMP
Pkware Compression Library Compressed Data File Type CMP
Craftman Data File File Type CMP
Coreldraw Header File for Postscript Printer Files File Type CMP

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