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What is the full form of ICF?

ICF Full form Kya hay?

ICF Full Form is: Integral Coach Factory

I = Integral

C =  Coach

F = Factory

  • Category: Governmental/Firms & Organizations
  • ICF Full Form in Hindi is: सवारी डिब्बा कारखाना
  • ICF Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: ইন্টিগ্রাল কোচ ফ্যাক্টরি
  • ICF Full Form in Marathi is: इंटिग्रल कोच कारखाना
  • ICF Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: இரயில்பெட்டி இணைப்புத் தொழிற்சாலை
  • ICF Full Form in Telegu is: సమగ్ర రైలుపెట్టెల కర్మాగారం

ICF Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Firms & Organizations sector is: Integral Coach Factory

ICF or Integral Coach Factory Pronunciation

ICF Full Form

Type Government
Industry Rail transport
Founded October 2, 1955; 66 years ago
Headquarters Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Products Rolling stock EMU MEMU
Production output
3262 coaches (2018–19)
Number of employees
11,300 (2018)
Parent Indian Railways
Area served
Asia-Pacific Africa
Key people
A.K.Agarwal, IRSME (General Manager)
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Other Significant Full Form of ICF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
InfoConfirm Computer and Networking ICF
International Federation of Cheerleaders Sports ICF
Intelligence Contingency Funds Military and Defence ICF
Interface Control Function Space Science ICF
Inter College Fellowship Educational Institute ICF

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