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What is the full form of MTS?

MTS Full form Kya hay?

MTS Full Form is: Multi Tasking Staff

M = Multi

T = Tasking

S = Staff

  • Category: Governmental/Departments & Agencies
  • MTS Full Form in Hindi is: मल्टी टास्किंग स्टाफ
  • MTS Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: মাল্টি টাস্কিং স্টাফ
  • MTS Full Form in Marathi is: मल्टी टास्किंग स्टाफ
  • MTS Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: மல்டி டாஸ்கிங் ஊழியர்கள்
  • MTS Full Form in Telegu is: మల్టీ టాస్కింగ్ స్టాఫ్

MTS Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Departments & Agencies sector is: Multi Tasking Staff

MTS or Multi Tasking Staff Pronunciation

MTS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of MTS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Mobile TeleSystems Company Name MTS
Microsoft Transaction Server Softwares MTS
Multi-touch Switch Computer Hardware MTS
Modular Time System Computer Hardware MTS
Master of Theological Studies Educational Degree MTS
Message Telephone Service Telecommunication MTS
Manitoba Telephone System Telecommunication MTS
Manitoba Telecom Services Telecommunication MTS
Message Transfer Service Networking MTS
Multi Threaded Server Networking MTS
Millenium Theatre System Softwares MTS
Medium Temperature System Electronics MTS
Material Tracking Standard Electronics MTS
Money Transactions System Accounts and Finance MTS
Mission Training School Space Science MTS
Magnetic Tape System Space Science MTS
Master Timing System Space Science MTS
Metric Time System Space Science MTS
Mission Team Specialist Space Science MTS
Metric Ton of Styrofoam Measurement Unit MTS
Meters Measurement Unit MTS
Member of The Technical Staff Job Title MTS
Manzini (mbabane) Airport Code MTS
Merlin Tube Specification Physics Related MTS
Momentum Throttle Slide Physics Related MTS
Muffin Tin Surface Physics Related MTS
Mediocre Trading System Stock Exchange MTS
Motion Technology Selectorized (life Fitness Product) Sports MTS
Masked Target Sensor Military and Defence MTS
Movement Tracking System Military and Defence MTS
Marine Tactical System Military and Defence MTS
Modernization Through Spares Military and Defence MTS
Moored Training Ship Military and Defence MTS
Mission Teams Specialist Military and Defence MTS
Multi Tank Syndrome Military and Defence MTS
Mechanical Testing and Simulation Military and Defence MTS
Message Telecommunications Service Military and Defence MTS
Methodology of Test Suites Computer and Networking MTS
Methods for Testing and Specification (ETSI TC) Computer and Networking MTS

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