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What is the full form of RS?

RS Full form Kya hay?

RS Full Form is: Rajya Sabha

R = Rajya

S = Sabha

  • Category: Governmental/Politics
  • RS Full Form in Hindi is: राज्य सभा
  • RS Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: রাজ্যসভা
  • RS Full Form in Marathi is: राज्यसभा
  • RS Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ராஜ்யசபா
  • RS Full Form in Telegu is: రాజ్యసభ

RS Full Form or meaning in Governmental and Politics sector is: Rajya Sabha

RS or Rajya Sabha Pronunciation

RS Full Form

Upper house
of the Parliament of India
Term limits
6 years
Secretary General
P.C Mody since 12 November 2021
Leader of the House
Piyush Goyal (Union Cabinet Ministers), BJP since 14 July 2021
Deputy Leader of the House
Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Union Cabinet Ministers), BJP since 19 July 2021
Leader of the Opposition
Mallikarjun Kharge, INC since 16 February 2021
Deputy leader of the opposition
Anand Sharma, INC since 8 June 2014
Chairman (Vice President of India)
Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu since 11 August 2017
Deputy Chairman
Harivansh Narayan Singh, JD(U) since 14 September 2020
Seats 245 (233 Elected + 12 Nominated)
Rajya Sabha
Political groups
Government (120) NDA (120)
  •   BJP (97)
  •   AIADMK (5)
  •   JD(U) (4)
  •   AGP (1)
  •   MNF (1)
  •   NPP (1)
  •   NPF (1)
  •   SDF (1)
  •   PMK (1)
  •   TMC(M) (1)
  •   RPI(A) (1)
  •   JD(S) (1)
  •   SAD(S) (1)
  •   IND (1)
  •   NOM (3)
Opposition (117) UPA (55)
  •   INC (34)
  •   DMK (10)
  •   NCP (4)
  •   SS (3)
  •   IUML (1)
  •   JMM (1)
  •   MDMK (1)
  •   AGM (1)
Others (62)
  •   AITC (13)
  •   BJD (9)
  •   TRS (6)
  •   YSRCP (6)
  •   CPI(M) (6)
  •   RJD (5)
  •   SP (5)
  •   BSP (3)
  •   AAP (3)
  •   SAD (2)
  •   CPI (1)
  •   TDP (1)
  •   KC(M) (1)
  •   LJD (1)
Vacant (8)
  •   Vacant (8)
Voting system
233 members by single transferable vote by state legislatures, 12 appointed by the President
Last election
October 2021
Next election
Meeting place
Rajya Sabha chamber, Sansad Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi, India – 110 001
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Other Significant Full Form of RS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Road Side Indian Railways RS
Radio System Computer and Networking RS
Radiocommunications Sector – ITU- (CCIR) Computer and Networking RS
Reed-Solomon (code) Computer and Networking RS
Rectangular Slice Computer and Networking RS
Resolution Services (TIPHON) Computer and Networking RS
Serbia Country Names RS
Religious Studies Educational Degree RS
Amiga Resource – Reassembler Data File File Type RS
Resource Fork of A Macintosh File File Type RS_
RISIA Indian Railway Station RS
Reset and Set Electronics RS
Really Super Messaging RS
Reporting Standard Accounts and Finance RS
Solar Radii Space Science RS
Reed Solomon Space Science RS
Rawinsonde Space Science RS
Redundancy Status Space Science RS
Redundant Set Space Science RS
Refurbishment Spare Space Science RS
Remote Station Space Science RS
Right Side Space Science RS
Rocket Start Space Science RS
Release Secondary Space Science RS
Radio Shack Radio Science RS
Read Set Computer Assembly Language RS
Replace String Computer Assembly Language RS
Reset Computer Assembly Language RS
Register Select Computer Assembly Language RS
Random Slew (plotters) Computer Assembly Language RS
Record Set Database Management RS
Reserve Space Database Management RS
Record Separator Database Management RS
Random Seed Maths RS
Residual Soil Earth Science RS
Race Series Sports RS
Road Sailing Sports RS
Rally Sport Sports RS
Run Support Sports RS
Runs Scored Sports RS
Really Sporty Sports RS
Rate Synthesizer Military and Defence RS
Religious Support Military and Defence RS
Requirement Submission Military and Defence RS
Really Shiny Military and Defence RS
Rescue and Survival Military and Defence RS
Rapid Shot Military and Defence RS
Remote Sentry Military and Defence RS
Recommended Standard Military and Defence RS
Request for Support Military and Defence RS
Radio Set Military and Defence RS
Reconnaissance/ Surveillance Military and Defence RS
Returns Salute Military and Defence RS
Relative Strength Military and Defence RS
Radio Spares Military and Defence RS
Really Slow Networking RS
Remote Switch Networking RS
Real Slow Networking RS
Remote Server Networking RS
Resample Scheme Physics Related RS
Rotation Spin Physics Related RS
Resonance Strength Physics Related RS

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