What is the full form of I?

I Full Form is: In

  • Category: Hardware
  • I Full Form in Hindi is: में
  • I Full Form in Bengali is: ভিতরে
  • I Full Form in Marathi is: मध्ये
  • I Full Form in Tamil is: இல்
  • I Full Form in Telegu is: లో

Full Form or meaning of I In Hardware sector is: In

I Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of I

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Inverted Maths I
Roman Numeral 1 Maths I
Island Earth Science I
Ineligible Sports I
Individual Military and Defence I
Intelligence Military and Defence I
Intelligence Fusion (integrator) Military and Defence I
Independent Military and Defence I
Immediate Military and Defence I
Iraq Military and Defence I
Intra (Q6/16, VCEG) Computer and Networking I
Information Email I
Input Networking I
Integrated Softwares I
Iodine Chemistry I
Intensity Electronics I
Inclusive Electronics I
Amperage Electronics I
Irresistible Messaging I
Interest Accounts and Finance I
Injection Space Science I
Inertia Space Science I
Inner Space Science I
Irradiated Space Science I
Island Country Specific I.
Phase Vocorder Analysis Data File Type I
Borland C Preprocessor, Preprocessor Output File File Type I


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