What is the full form of SF?


  • Category: Indian Railway Station
  • SF Full Form in Hindi is: सेटीकुंडा
  • SF Full Form in Bengali is: সেতিকুণ্ড
  • SF Full Form in Marathi is: सेतीकुंडा
  • SF Full Form in Tamil is: செட்டிகுண்டா
  • SF Full Form in Telegu is: సెట్టిగుంట

Full Form or meaning of SF In Indian Railway Station sector is: SETTIGUNTA

SF Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SF

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Summed Frequency Electronics SF
Super Fluorescence Electronics SF
Simple Flux Electronics SF
Step Frequency Electronics SF
Small Farmer Banking SF
Supremely Frustrating Messaging SF
Sexy Female Messaging SF
Silly Female Messaging SF
Surcharge Free Accounts and Finance SF
Structural Funds Accounts and Finance SF
Safe Space Science SF
Safe, R and Qa (r&qa), and Protective Services (ksc Directorate) Space Science SF
Safety Factor Space Science SF
Scale Factor Space Science SF
Selection Filter Space Science SF
Signaling Frequency Space Science SF
Sliding Filter Space Science SF
Star Field Space Science SF
Static Firing Space Science SF
Subcontractor Furnished Space Science SF
Structural Foam Space Science SF
Square Feet Measurement Unit SF
Square Foot Measurement Unit SF
Supervised Functional Job Title SF
Soviet Finland Country Specific SF
San Francisco Country Specific SF
Sort Flag Computer Assembly Language SF
Suppress Form Computer Assembly Language SF
Semi Floating Computer Assembly Language SF
Store and Forward Computer Assembly Language SF
Significant Figures Computer Assembly Language SF
Service Field Database Management SF
Single Field Database Management SF
System Field Database Management SF
Shallow Faulting Earth Science SF
South Fork Earth Science SF
Symmetry Factor Physics Related SF
Static Force Physics Related SF
Shield Fusion Physics Related SF
Strong Field Physics Related SF
Speed Figure Physics Related SF
Structured Field Physics Related SF
Surface Friction Physics Related SF
Singular Field Physics Related SF
Super Free Physics Related SF
Schrodinger Functional Physics Related SF
Single Family Real Estate SF
Standard Form Military and Defence SF
Special Forces Military and Defence SF
Security Force Military and Defence SF
Security Forces (air Force Or Navy) Military and Defence SF
Single Frequency Computer and Networking SF
Superframe Computer and Networking SF
Synchronization Flag Computer and Networking SF
Ircam Sound File File Type SF
Os/2 Wps Attribute Storage File Type SF
Source Forge Softwares SF
Shared Frameworks Softwares SF
Stratified Fudget Softwares SF
Snazzy File Softwares SF
Sword and Fist Sports SF
Sets For Sports SF
Scuderia Ferrari Sports SF
Sacrifice Fly Sports SF
San Francisco Giants Sports SF
Stackelberg Follower Maths SF
Scaling Factor Maths SF
Simple Function Maths SF


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