What is the full form of DSL?

DSL Full Form is: Digital Subscriber Line

  • Category: Information technology
  • DSL Full Form in Hindi is: डिजिटल खरीदारों की पंक्ति
  • DSL Full Form in Bengali is: ডিজিটাল গ্রাহকের লাইন
  • DSL Full Form in Marathi is: डिजिटल सब्सक्राइबर लाइन
  • DSL Full Form in Tamil is: டிஜிட்டல் சந்தாதாரர் வரி
  • DSL Full Form in Telegu is: డిజిటల్ సబ్‌స్క్రైబర్ లైన్

Full Form or meaning of DSL In Information technology sector is: Digital Subscriber Line

DSL Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of DSL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Domain-Specific Language Information Technology DSL
Document SeLection Computer and Networking DSL
Dual Screen Lite Softwares DSL
Domain Specific Language Softwares DSL
DESWAL Indian Railway Station DSL
Display Switch Locator (sl) Routing Military and Defence DSL
Document Summary List Military and Defence DSL
Doesn’t Seem Logical Messaging DSL
Do Shout Loudly Messaging DSL
Doesn’t Seem Likely Messaging DSL
Daru Airport Code DSL


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